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Purpose:Italy: ? near Pozzuoli. View of two ruined mausolea, probably in the vicinity of Pozzuoli, one in the form of a cube surmounted by a cylinder, the other a cube surmounted by an altar on a stepped base. In the foreground are some ruins and in the distance some domestic buildings.




Inscribed in pencil in a contemporary hand Lago; in ink 1

Dated/date range

Undated, probably 1755.


Pencil, pen, grey and brown washes

230 x 264


Robert Adam


Adam vol.57/1


This drawing was probably made in the vicinity of Pozzuoli where there were numerous tombs beside the roads, of which those on the Via Capania were the best preserved and those on the Via Celle the most outstanding. There are two engravings of those at San Vito in Paoli's Avanzi Delle Antichita Esistenti a Pozzuoli Cuma e Baja, Naples, 1768, pls.XXXV and XXXVI, which are of a similar cube surmounted by cylinder form. Adam vol.57/18 shows the Carceri Vecchie on the Via Appia at Capua, and there are other drawings of mausolea in Adam vol.57/7 and vol.57/11. There were also two ancient tombs at San Benedetto dei Marsi near the Lago Fucino, which Robert Adam may have seen on his return journey via Cassino.

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