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Italy: Capua: the Amphitheatre. Details from the amphitheatre at Capua, showing four profiles of cornices.


Elevations, details


Inscribed in ink in Clérisseau's hand Details des corniches de l'amphitheatre de l'ancien Capoue/dessiné le 20 averil 1755 and imposte de l'arce/ Chapiteau/ archivolte de l'arce; and in ink 36

Dated/date range

20 April 1755


Pencil, pen

217 x 282


Charles-Louis Clérisseau


Adam 57/36


Robert Adam wrote that he and Charles-Louis Clérisseau returned to Rome via 'Old Capua' and this drawing by Clérisseau fits that chronology. The arches with cornices and heads that Clérisseau has detailed here are also shown in a view of the amphitheatre by Adam (Clerk Collection, Scotland, Clerk 150). As the view demonstrates, the structure had survived reasonably well; in size it was second only to the Colosseum in Rome.

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