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Purpose:View or capriccio of two inscribed panels between three broken columns, with a tall house adjoining. The composition of columns and panels is close to that of the Tomb of the Plautii at the Ponte Lugano, Rome.



verso Elevation


Inscribed in ink 77

Dated/date range

Undated, probably 1755 or 1756.


Pencil, grey, brown and blue washes

129 x 183


Charles-Louis Clérisseau


Adam vol.57/77


This drawing by Charles-Louis Clérisseau appears to show the scene at the Tomb of the Plautii at the Ponte Lugano, Rome except that it lacks the circular mausoleum located just behind the inscribed panels and opposite the house with a pitched roof. It may be compared with a similar view in Adam vol.57/7, which Robert Adam drew on his Neapolitan trip. There is another drawing by Adam in the Clerk Collection, Scotland (Clerk 128) that shows this view from the bridge, and also two engravings by Piranesi from the Vedute di Roma and Le Antichità Romane. It is possible that elements in this capriccio could also be based on the Sepulcrum Bibuli.


Pen drawing of a decorative frieze, with dimensions.

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